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Hungry Siren Bowl
Marrakesh Veggie Bowl
Curried Lamb Bowl
Mezze Kit
Gyro Kit

Our inspiration

From the creators of The Hungry Cowgirl, dive into the alluring world of The Hungry Siren. Vince & Gretchen — the culinary visionaries from Pittsburgh — are back, elevating food delivery once again. Revel in bowls of distinction like the signature Hungry Siren Bowl, the aromatic Curried Lamb Bowl, or the vibrant Marrakesh Veggie Bowl.

Pair them with the smooth textures of our Warm Pita With Hummus and Baba Ganoush and end on a sweet note with our unforgettable Baklava Cookie Bar. At The Hungry Siren, we're not just delivering food; we're delivering a Mediterranean-inspired experience, crafted to captivate your palate. With a focus on freshness, flavor, and finesse, every bite is a testament to fast food re-imagined.